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    Issues? Here are some frequently asked questions!

    Is The Collection a sequel to another movie?

    Yes. The Collection was released in 2012. It is a sequel to a movie from 2009 – The Collector. The Collector was based on a horror story script and followed the story of a psychopath killer who used to torture his victims. One of his victims managed to survive and the first part finished, leaving the fans waiting for a second part. The second part – The Collection – starts from the same point. Only one of the characters survived though and became one of the main characters in the second. The good news is that the sequel – The Collection – does not just feature the same character, but also the same actor portraying him.

    Do I have to see the first movie before the second one?

    The Collection is based on The Collector – the first part released in 2009. However, you do not necessarily have to see the first part in order to see the second one. Indeed, they are a bit related, especially as one of the characters is also starring in the sequel. But then, small details will reveal along with the action. You will soon realize who the good and the bad characters are, but you will also understand the storyline from the first part. If you do have the option to see the first movie, the second one will come in handy, as the story goes on, yet without taking too many details. In other words, it is entirely up to you.

    What kind of horror movie is The Collection?

    While there are no official horror movie categories, most fans can easily categorize movies by multiple criteria. For example, some of them feature monsters, while others are about mutants and more realistic approaches. Some movies come with religious profiles, while others are shot in a first person mode, not to mention those where you can never see the bad spirit, but feel it. The Collection is somewhere in between. It is realistic because there are no ghosts or spirits involved. It could also be categorized as a gruesome thriller because some critics have associated it with Blade or Death Ship. It is basically a bloodbath with many unexpected turns.

    What do critics have to say about The Collection?

    Different websites and critics have different opinions about The Collection. The movie has had a good start when it came out and quickly climber in popularity. Most reviews are good or above average, yet even the best ones go in multiple directions. To some people, The Collection is a must for the horror genre fans. To others, it represents a good choice for those who like gruesome horrors that involve lots of blood and aggressive behaviors. There is also a category of critics who would recommend The Collection to anyone – it is the kind of movie that will hook you in even if you are not such a big fan of horror movies. Furthermore, it is also rated as a thriller movie.