Josh Stewart

Date of birth 6th of February, 1977

Years active From 1999 until today

Spouse Deanna Brigid-Stewart

Born Joshua Regnall Stewart in 1977, Josh Stewart is an American actor known for a plethora of different roles. He gained notoriety with his role in a TV series – Dirt, portraying Holt McLaren. Later on, his popularity skyrocketed due to his role in Criminal Minds – portraying detective William LaMontagne Jr. He also had roles in Third Watch and The Dark Knight Rises.

Over the years, Josh Stewart has managed to keep his private life private, yet a few details came out for the fans. He is married to Deanna Brigid-Stewart and they have two children. His son River Jacob was born in 2010, while his daughter Ryan Justine was born in 2008. His personal life faced an unpleasant episode in the beginning of 2012, when the actor had to face cardiac arrest due to an infection with salmonella. His wife saved his life while performing CPR until the medical service came over. He now has a chest implant.

Christopher McDonald

Date of birth 15th of February, 1955

Years active From 1978 until today

Spouse Unknown

Christopher McDonald was born in 1955 and started his acting career in 1978, while he was only 23 years old. The American actor is a popular figure around Hollywood and has become famous through a wide plethora of roles. He portrayed Darryl Dickinson in Thelma & Louise.

Christopher McDonald is also known for joining the Happy Gilmore cast as Shooter McGavin, not to mention playing Ward Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver. Fans could appreciate his hard work in The Iron Giant too as Kent Mansley, while Requiem for a Dream was probably the most significant project he was part of. When it comes to television, the American actor could be admired as Tappy Tibbons in 61*, an HBO production.

Lee Tergesen

Date of birth 8th of July, 1965

Years active From 1987 until now

Spouse Yuko Otomo – third wife

Born in the summer of 1965, Lee Allen Tergesen has first became known to the television fans by starting in Oz – one of the most dramatic shows ever created. He portrayed Tobias Beecher, one of the main characters in the show. Later on, he joined Generation Kill as Evan Wright and that is when his popularity went through the roof.

Lee Tergesen is known for plenty of television shows and movies. Some of the most notable ones include Point Break, Inferno, Shaft, Monster, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, No One Lives, Equity and The Yellow Birds. He also played a significant role in The Collection. When it comes to this personal life, he married Yuko Otomo in 2011. She is his third wife. They have a daughter now – Lity, which was born in 2012. The actor is also actress Toni Lewis' brother-in-law due to marriage related connections.

Andre Royo

Date of birth 18th of July, 1968

Years active 1998 until today

Spouse Jane Choi

Andre Royo might be better known for his career as an actor, yet he has multiple projects going on. He is also known for being a producer and a writer. Portraying Reginald Cousins (also known as Bubbles) in The Wire was the main project responsible for his popularity.

Andre Royo has had multiple appearances throughout his career. He also showed up in How to Make It in America, Party Down and even Fringe. The Spectacular Now and The Collection are some of this best rated movies. He has a few ongoing projects as well. His personal life involved a young mix of Cuban and African American heritage. He was constantly rejected for not being black or Latino enough for a few parts in the past.