The story

What happens next

A rkin is arrested, but approached by Elena's father mercenaries, who have the mission to find her. Arkin joins them and leads the team to The Collector's hideout – an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. He is forced to go in and guide the team through the hideout.

Meanwhile, Elena witnesses what could happen to her when The Collector tortures a man, but she somehow manages to escape from the trunk of his car. The Collector goes in for her to realize that she is gone. Moreover, he notices the team of mercenaries in the hotel.

The action

O nce inside the hideout, the mercenary team is attacked by some of The Collector's victims, which have been transformed into his army with drugs. In a moment of inattention, Arkin takes advantage and manages to escape from the team.

Three separate actions start simultaneously – Elena, Arkin and the mercenary team. They all face the same dangers, yet Elena manages to befriend The Collector's favorite prisoner, who is this close to breaking the rules and joining the good side to escape.

Things Go Hard

A t some point, Arkin is recaptured by the mercenaries who he escaped from before. The Collector joins the fun and an aggressive battle begins. The Collector kills most of the team and captures a prisoner. Eventually, Elena reunites with some of the surviving mercenaries, as well as The Collector's prisoner and his favorite prisoner.

Unfortunately for the remaining crew, The Collector's favorite prisoner proves to stick to the master and starts sabotaging the escaping plans. Eventually, he gets killed. Arkin draws some attention in another part of the hotel by firing a gun, so the police intervenes. Meanwhile, The Collector finds Elena and kidnaps her again. She ends up on an autopsy table. Arkin and a mercenary find her, yet they are trapped in by a cage that fell from above. Everyone seems to be at The Collector's disposal now, yet Arkin makes a sacrifice and breaks his arm again in order to reach a latch and escape. It is a moment of life and death, as no one knows who will get killed next or who kidnaps who. Things slowly settle in as the action continues with even more terror.

However, as Arkin finds the trunk after the fire settles, he finds The Collector's burnt mask, yet no body. It was obvious they failed again, so the action restarts one more time. Interested to know how it ends? Watch The Collection!